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!Decoding !DNKC's ak...!D Nember SHIPpings ^-^
Once you have one,two,three,four 5MAX!D=)
You'll know exactly what to !Do neXt ^-^
Well,,,have You ever WONDERED about a particular per+son.?.!STOP? wondering.period ^-^ make em a STORibook! ^-^


You must have 1's proper Nember (SM) key codes  (= ! =)
!D stori book X!(= LOG onto YOURS =)
One must have completeD step14 in order 2 access=own! > Their OWN!D SB!x's Limit 5+ ^-^ aka... D#.NEMBER.SHIPs ^-^ yes, they cost because you OWN em m m g o o :D
A major announcement will take place when WIN they go on sale (SOON)^-^ !D projection is july2014
most every search engine has cached pages, so don't worry be happy > talk about :D=) Nember Ship s' ^-^ arriving! GET YOURS

LLLLife streams

^-^ latest updates ^-^ from :D ^-^ = 'u' = open public dguestbook for pw2gw.NET !!

Pick ways 2 gate way DOT net WORK !X is opening! What does everyone think ^-^ CREATE your own P O V ing###
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